The voice and soul of a town

Apart from the interest of the building itself, the Church of Santos Juanes contains an interesting collection of tableaux, paintings and sculptures from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The Cultural Centre is the permanent headquarters of all municipal schools, and offers art, sculpture and photography exhibitions as well as concerts, theatre and cinema on a continuous basis.

Music fans shouldn’t miss the Santa Cecilia concerts, the performances of tabal i dolçaina (traditional instruments) or the nits d’albaes (traditional singing style).

Disseminated about the old town we can find a number of ceramic altarpieces of great interest.

Furthermore, the visitor can contemplate newly-built monuments and statues such as that of the Bull of 7 September (Plaza 25 de Abril), that of footballer José Claramunt (football pitch), or the tribute to farm workers (Paseo de la Constitución).



The visitor who wishes to relax in Puçol but also enjoy some cultural tourism has plenty of options within minutes, starting with the Roman castle of Sagunto or the Environmental Education Centre located in Marjal dels Moros, the Monastery of Puig de Santa Maria or the sports marina at La Pobla de Farnals, and including the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, the Albufera or the new port in Valencia.











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