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The main traditional dishes are paella (Valencian rice dish), rabbit, eels and stew, always partnered with sweet treats like brazo de gitano (Swiss roll) or cake, without forgetting oranges

Valencian cuisine surprises visitors for its combination of sea, orchard and mountain influences, a variety that is reflected in Puçol’s typical dishes, characteristic of Valencian gastronomy.

The paella is Valencia’s most famous dish, and in Puçol you can enjoy it at beach restaurants with views of the Mediterranean, or at a local family home, any Sunday. The paella is a symbol of identity, an emblematic dish that is popular and festive. You can taste many different varieties of paella, although in our area rabbit, chicken and garrofón (butter bean) and ferraura paella are traditional.

Visitors should also try conill amb tomaca (rabbit with tomato), another typical dish in the area. It is served mainly on local feast days, such as the Day of the Bull, partnered with the traditional caragolà (snails).

The all i pebre (eels) is cooked in a clay pot and contains diced eels and potatoes. The best farmed eels can be sourced from local company Valenciana de Acuicultura.

The putxero de nadal (stew) and the sopa bruta (soup), are traditional at Christmas and in wintertime. The stew is prepared with chicken and pork, butifarra (local sausage), vegetables, chick peas, saffron and meatballs. The stew broth is reused for making the soup, with the addition of bread, boiled eggs, sweetbreads and liver.

Oranges are our most international natural product, famous for their flavour, nutritional value and a tasty dessert. Oranges are part of Puçol’s natural surroundings, creating an attractive and colourful landscape.

Brazo de gitano (Swiss roll) is a traditional cake prepared with sponge and almond layers, while pastís blanc (white cake), is a type of Swiss roll, with the same ingredients, and covered in meringue.

Other typical local cakes and pastries include pastelitos de moniato (sweet potato cakes), torta cristina (flat cake) and the torta de arrope (grape syrup cake).

These and other traditional dishes, may be tasted at our numerous bars, restaurants and bakeries in Puçol.

You will be able to enjoy all of them at Puçol’s beach. Forget fast food and come and enjoy some local cuisine with unbeatable views of the Mediterranean.

On the other hand, in Puçol town you can join the locals for some cañas (beers) and tapas, a local tradition which has come back into fashion in recent years thanks the success of the Ruta de la Tapa (tapas route), which is held annually in late August to early September, coinciding with the local town festival. This Ruta de la Tapa has already been awarded a Declaration of Relevance for the Promotion of Local Tourism. This initiative has acquired such relevance that the town has declared 9 October as World Tapa Day.










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