The Outdoor Museum

The contest contributes to position the image of the graffiti, among the population in general, as an artistic expression of interest that helps to improve their quality of life, by revalorizing the environment

In 2011 a graffiti contest co-financed by the Puçol and Iberdrola Town Council was launched. The company offered its transformation centers (CT) for the artistic interventions of the contest.

The initiative was to avoid vandalism graffiti that require a costly and constant maintenance, based on the code of the graffiti artists to respect the work of another artist, and keep the CT with a good image.

This was a great opportunity to organize an interesting cultural and artistic activity for young people.

In summary, in these five years the contest of graffiti has been consolidated as a cultural event in the life of the town, in which a group of young people offer their work selflessly to improve their environment and where they develop an artistic facet that in Other conditions would have no opportunity to explore.

These approaches - together with the inevitable periodic intervention on the works of the CT, exposed to the effects of the climatology - make the Open Air Museum of Puçol a space in continuous transformation and with some enormous possibilities of continuing to grow year after year.




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