La Costera

Being classified as a Municipal Natural Park is protected from urbanization and any other use that endangers its integrity as a green zone

Vegetation is mostly of the Mediterranean scrubland type, as well as including pine trees, kermes oaks, carob and olive trees. All of this makes La Costera an area of remarkable landscapes and of great botanical, ecologic and geomorphologic interest. 

Given this situation and in order to protect the area from any form of urban aggression, so common nowadays around the Mediterranean, help was requested to appropriately protect this local green lung. Catalogued as a Municipal Nature Park, it is protected from housing developments and any other use that may endanger the integrity of this nature zone; ecological and environmental activities will also be promoted. 



Most of the hill is covered in the Mediterranean scrubland vegetation typical in warm regions, basically comprising kermes oak, mastic, juniper, rockrose, rosemary and thyme. We might also see some carob trees, olive trees, fig trees and almond trees, a testament to the agricultural use the area once had. There are quite a number of white pine trees, forming woodlands in some areas, and in recent years repopulation schemes have been carried out to reintroduce holm oaks, that were sure to have dominated the hill centuries ago.


The proximity of inhabited areas limits the fauna to insects and some reptiles, such as lizards. Several bird species also use the area as a stopover and to scavenge for food left by visitors, occasionally this also attracts small carnivore animals like foxes and ferrets.  Other mammals seen in the area include shrews and rabbits.

Getting here

In order to enjoy the landscape of La Costera you must take the path to the cemetery and pass under the motorway, where the path becomes the Molí de Vent way.

Approximately 2 km from the start we will see the first houses belonging to the Alfinach estate and the old industrial warehouses, now converted into Aula Natura, a multi-purpose space, and other public offices.


Aula Natura

Aula Natura is an old warehouse, measuring 200m in length, that has been renovated by ‘escuelas taller’ (workshop schools). This venue is to be used for organized trips with small groups of children and young people so they can learn about the valuable natural resources found in La Costera natural park.

Another green space we currently have is the Finca Municipal de la Costera.

It is located in western part of the town and can be accessed following the ‘Camí Molí de Vent’ way, (a continuation of Avenida Molí de Vent).

The Finca covers 517,245 m2 and belongs to the town hall. It comprises a Youth Hostel with capacity for 25 people, leisure areas and areas that have been reforested with pines and local vegetation.









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