The Dansades are traditional street dances that are very popular in the region of Valencia, and that usually accompany any kind of cultural event or celebration: parades, a despertà (noisy pyrotechnic wake-up), processions, popular dances, musical performances etc. Dolçainers and tabaleters de la Safor  (traditional musicians)appear in festivals and have achieved a high degree of recognition over time thanks to years of hard work and loving dedication. This tradition has literally been passed on through the generations, as some members of the musical group are grandchildren of early 20th century dolçainers and rondallers.

In 1980 the Municipal Dance School was created in Puçol in order to help recover our traditional dances. This school has been teaching how to dance jotas, fandangos and boleros for over three decades. The municipal dance school is one of oldest institutions in Puçol, as it was created even before the Cultural Centre. Its permanence is testimony to the loyalty of its students, as every year they maintain and seek to transmit to future generations their passion for dance.


Tabal i dolçaina (local musical instruments)

In 1980 the Tabal i Dolçaina School opened in Puçol, and is very well attended. Players are normally accompanied by the well known ‘albaes’ (singers). Over the years they have not only participated with their live music at most town cultural events and celebrations, but they have also recorded a cassette and two CD’s, have performed in a great many towns and have even accompanied illustrious experts.



Creating the fireballs for the famous ‘Bou embolat’ is a long-lasting tradition and is very popular today. The team of ‘embolaors’ are responsible for creating these fireballs, which they make using burlap and other flammable materials, which are then placed on the harnesses. Later, they attach these fireballs to the tips of the bull’s horns, something known as ‘embolar’. This tradition has the charm of bringing together two great symbols of Iberian culture, the bull and fire, in a town with a strong bullfighting tradition.

The ‘embolada con herrajes’ is the most typical ‘embolada’ due to its simplicity and speed when it comes to fitting the apparatus. It consists in attaching iron rings which are fitted to the bull’s horns by pressure. The fireball is fitted to the ends of these iron trappings.



This sport originated in the Region of Valencia and has become very popular among the neighbours of Puçol. Male pigeons are kept in separate cages. The day of the ‘release’ the female pigeon is let loose, and the male pigeons compete among themselves to get the female pigeon.










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